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Rock2 Fixes

In the spate of recent map fixes/modifications that have been going on I knocked up a fix for the classic TFC map rock2.

This fixes the bugs with suits not picking up and the gas chamber not protecting people from the gas.

There's a number of different versions for all flavours of rock2!

rock2_r download
The classic in its original (but fixed) form!

rock2_rc_r download
The progressive scoring version, with lifts usable by the enemy and lasers instead of doors opposite the Warden's Office!

rock2_2way_r download
For those who like the map a bit more balanced, this version has two entrances to the Warden's Office! Makes thing a little easier for the offence, not quite so many 0-0 games with this!

rock2_open_r download
Like rock2_2way on steroids, the enemy offence can use the lifts as well! Needs a bit of a defence re-think!

All these maps are just entity fixes so can be renamed to rock2.bsp and clients will be able to play using their original rock2.bsp if you're that way inclined. Oh and there's been some testing on the jolt classics server but if any problems arise then post here or somewhere else if you like i don't mind.
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