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When HL is updated you will need to obtain an updated version of the tool from this site.

Cvars and commands are listed below. Cvar values in italics are the default value for that cvar.


MDT comes with its own image dumping facilities, allowing you to specify the image filenames and automatically keeping track of which 'take' you are recording.
The image dumping is also extended and can be set to only dump the world (with entities hidden) or entities (with the world an opaque matte colour), allowing moviemakers to come up with new effects in their video editing suites. MDT can also dump depth information as images for depth-of-view effects.

mirv_movie_splitstreams 0|1|2|3
When filming, the output is:
0 - Normal, no stream splitting takes place and normal images dumped to hard drive.
1 - Only the world images are dumped (entities hidden).
2 - Only entity images are dumped (world is the matte colour).
3 - Both entity and world images are dumped separately.

mirv_movie_depthdump 0|1
Used to set whether depth information is also dumped when filming. Depth information images will generally require pre-processing in your video editor (the colour levels should be altered so that the change in colour in the image is more visible).

mirv_movie_fps n
Specifies the fps to dump the images at. Default is 30.

mirv_movie_clearscreen 0|1
Automatic hud removal when filming starts.

mirv_movie_customdump 0|1
Set this to 0 if you need to disable MDT's own image dumping.

mirv_movie_filename filename "filename"
Filename to use when dumping movies. Filenames are also automatically labelled with a 'take' number that increments every time you start filming with the same filename.

mirv_movie_swapweapon 0|1
Set to 1 to put the first person weapon viewmodel into the world stream (normally in entity stream).

mirv_movie_swapdoors 0|1
Set to 1 to put doors into the entity stream (normally in world stream).

mirv_movie_onlyentity 0|n
Set to non-0 to only place the numbered entity into the entity stream (the rest will be left in the world stream).

mirv_movie_wireframe 0|1|2|3
Render selected (1 - world, 2 - entity, 3 - both) streams in wireframe mode.

mirv_movie_wireframesize n
Thickness of the wireframe lines.

+mirv_recordmovie / mirv_recordmovie_start
-mirv_recordmovie / mirv_recordmovie_stop

This activates or stops the filming.

mirv_matte_setcolour r g b
Sets the colour of the matte, each of the values goes from 0 to 100.

mirv_disableautodirector 0|1
Set to 1 to keep spec_autodirector disabled automatically.


MDT allows movie makers to track entities onscreen using a variety of different characteristics. Multiple entities can be queued up to track and will be selected based on a number of user-choosable criteria.

mirv_entity_jump n

These allow available entities to be cycled through, the camera will look at each one. mirv_entity_jump lets you specify a specific entity to view. Useful for finding an entity in a scene.

Shows a list of all entities with a model and their ent number.

mirv_addaimlayer slot entityid
mirv_delaimlayer slot

Aim layer is a list of entities from high priority to low priority which the camera uses to work out which entity to look at. The camera will pick the highest active entity that fulfils the aiming criteria and target it. These commands are for managing the aimlayer.

mirv_aim_oneway 0|1
If set to 1 then when using target aiming the camera will never be able to aim at something that is lower down the list than the current target, even if the current target disappears.

mirv_aim_lingertime n
Time to spend before changing target after the current target becomes inactive.

mirv_aim_onlyvisible 0|1
Only aim at targets that are visible from the current camera location.

mirv_aim_snapto 0|1
Set to 1 for the camera aiming to completely lock onto the entity, or 0 for a more realistic aiming method.

+mirv_aim / mirv_aim_start
-mirv_aim / mirv_aim_stop

Start/stop aiming


zoom_optical n
zoom_digital n
Set the amount of both types of zoom. Values go from 0 to 100.

mirv_zoom_speed n
Speed at which the zoom increases & decreases each frame.

+mirv_zoom / mirv_zoom_start
-mirv_zoom / mirv_zoom_stop

Zooms in until stopped or the maximum zoom level is reached. Will zoom out again once stopped by the user.


mirv_fixforcehltv 0|1
Set to 0 to turn off the dem_forcehltv fix if this causes trouble in other demos.

mirv_demoedit_fix tfc
This fix will enable demoedit for TFC, allowing moving cameras along paths. You will need to start TFC with the -demoedit flag for this to work.

Displays coordinates and view angles.
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