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Half-Life CGShader

This is a pixel shader for bloom-like effects on any Half-Life engine game.
Some examples below, click any thumbnail to view the entire image.

Image! Image!

Image! Image!

To install, extract the files into the mod's upper directory.

For example, SteamApps/username/team fortress classic or SteamApps/username/counter-strike.

To remove, delete all the files extracted from the zip. To temporarily disable, rename the opengl32.dll file to something else such as opengl32.dll.disabled.

This plugin needs quite a powerful PC and a reasonably up to date graphics card with pixel shader support. For reference, my Athlon XP 2500+ with 9600XT runs at 100fps with this at 800x600. You can increase or decrease the bloom amount with F1, higher values will be slower. Decreasing your resolution is a good way to keep a high fps.

Apparently this is now picked up by VAC (Valve's Anti Cheat system) as a cheat and you will be banned for using it on a secured server. Please restrict your use to demos and unsecured (eg. LAN) servers.

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